Can you explain what this might mean: "apparent polyclonal gammopathy: igm. Kappa and lambda increased". Immunoglobulin m is also high at 437.?

Monoclonal processes. Are often malignant or pre malignant. Polyclonal processes are usually reactive/infectious/inflammatory.
Infection. These results likely indicate a recent infection but need to be evaluated in the context of other laboratory tests and your exam.

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Been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy blood test showed high immunoglobulin m w/polyclonal gammopathy. Kappa/lambda increase. Possible meaning?

PlasmaCellDIsorder. May have plasma cell disorder/multiple myeloma. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cells that produces immunoglobulin(antibodies). Multiple myeloma is a cancerous or excessive proliferation of these plasma cells which may lead to excessive high levels of calcium/bone pain/renal failure/anemia (low blood counts). Need to see hematologist (blood doctor specialist). Read more...