Can my gp diagnose and treat genial herpes or do I need to go to sexual health clinic?

Yes, sure can. Diagnosing and treating genital herpes is quite easy, and it is a common illness, and so I am sure your gp can do that with ease. Fyi--when one has one std, the chance of having others is higher thus likely you will be advised/screened for other stds. Protect yourself, protect others. Live well. Consult doc. Good luck.
Yes he or she can. Go to the gp and they are very well trained to diagnose and treat genital herpes. Good luck!

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What is best for sexual health problems - gp, nurse or clinic?

Sexual help. The initial person to discuss your sexual health is your gynecologist. Then, any health professional you trust.
Specialist. Its best to find someone who you are comfortable with. Some one who is trained and knowlegeable about sexual health. Someone who can get to know you and develop a therapeutic relationship.