What is the definition or description of: ambiguous genitalia?

Intersexuality. Subject has external genitalia which do not clearly appear to be female or male. Subject may be born with characteristics of both sexes as in hermaphroditism or genitalia may be malformed or underdeveloped as in severe hypospadias.Subject with ambiguos genitalia may have external genitalia which do not match gonadal or chromosomal sex as in androgen insensitivity syndrome or in adrenal hyperplasia.
See below. Ambiguous genitalia refers to the appearance of external genitalia which neither look boy or girl- but different. For example, when there is a large clitoris which looks like a penis in a "girl" or a small phallus (penis) in a boy with undescended testicles and hypospadias. There are numerous permutations of different combinations resulting in variety of appearances.