What cosmetic surgery options are available for scarring/bumps after having a dialysis fistula on your arm?

Plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon would have to exam the area and develop a plan of care.
Scar revision.... Probably scar revision if it looks like the ones that I have seen.
Scar Revision. Much will depend on the physical examination. If scars are raised or depressed, scar revision surgery may help improve their appearance. Unfortunately, scars cannot be “erased”.
Scars post dialysis. What one would do depends on how big the scar is and is it hypertrophic?Keloidal? These all enter into making a final decision.www.beautybybrueck.com.

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What are cosmetic surgery options for scarring/bumps after having a dialysis fistula on your arm?

Scar Revision. Scars can sometimes be improved with the following methods: 1) passage of time; 2) protection from sun; 3) dermabrasion or laser resurfacing; 4) steroid injection; 5) silicone topical therapy; 6) cosmetics (for camouflage); 7) surgical revision. The methods taht will work best for you will depend on factors seen during an exam. Hope this helps! Read more...
Scar revision. If the bumps are hypertrohic scars or keloids, then possibly corticosteroid injections will help but if the fistula is still functioning the doctor should check with your surgeon who placed the fistula. Laser resurfacing for other scars can be done. Read more...
It DEpends. You will have to discuss your options after being examined, by your plastic surgeon. Read more...