For a facelift, is having local anaesthetic (lidocaine) plus sedation a safe option?

Yes: healthy/skilled. The answer is yes if you are healthy and the sedation is administered by a skilled practitioner. Of course the extent of the facelift may be limited by your pain tolerance. W.
Yes - see below. Cosmetic procedures under local anesthetic alone or usually as a combination of local anesthetic with variable degrees of sedation are safe in the right setting whereas some patients are better managed by having the procedures done under a general anesthetic.
Facelift. there are many types of facelifts and some can be performed safely under local anesthesia. Your best bet would be to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Yes. Assuming that you are properly monitored in a facility capable of resuscitating you in the event of problems.
Yes. Especially if you need a mini lift and you are a naturally calm person sedation with local may be a good option for you. If you are nervous, or need a more extensive surgery ask your surgeon, as general anesthesia may be a better choice.
Yes . It is critical that you have a dedicated anesthesia person monitoring you. Unless you are under only local anesthesia. Taking medication buy mouth that render a patient unresponsive can be very dangerous. Long procedure under local are uncomfortable and stressful.
Possiblly . Most facelifts are performed under conscience sedation or mac. Using just local anesthetics alone is done by doctors that can't provide further anesthesia which may be lack of privileges. The short answer is be careful, do you homework, and know what you are getting.
Yes, depending... You must be free of several medical concerns to be a candidate for sedation including sleep apnea. It is critical that the sedation procedure be performed in a center where there exists the ability to convert to a more advanced anesthesia if needed. That being said, I have performed hundreds of procedures under sedation with dilute local anesthetic. Indeed, very satisfying for surgeon and patient.
Mini Lift Local Anes. Yes, having a facelift under local anesthesia plus sedation is a safe option and should be safer in most cases than IV or general anesthesia. Most of our litelift facelift procedures are performed in this setting. See the below link for details. About 75% of all facelifts are performed with a local anesthetic and oral sedation in our office for the past 10 years. Last year my associate and i at p.