Related Questions

Lower back pain around the center spinal. What does this mean and how can I treat it?

Depends. There are a number of different causes of back pain. Usually rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications will offer relief. If the pain is severe or limits your function, I would see a spine specialist for a more accurate diagnosis and management.

How to treat lower back pain, spinal manipulate?

See below. There are many ways to treat low back pain. Manipulation by a chiropractor or osteopath is an option. Physical therapy is worth a try. Try heat and otc nsaids. You could also see a pain specialist who may be able to offer treatment.

Please help! I have lower back pain, spinal pain, side pain?

No enough info. In order to guess, doctors need to know sex, characteristics of pain, where is most intense, if was any trauma, if weight loss or fevers, and what activities intensify. Also need to know if constant, intermittent, and for how long the back and side pain has been present. Assuming it is chronic and not acute, then see an osteopath.

Severe lower back pain after spinal tap weeks later. What is going on?

Not clear. Complications of spinal taps could cause you headaches or leg symptoms, but isolated back pain weeks later might not be related at all. Perhaps the condition that prompted the spinal tap could be the culprit. Rarely, an impromperly performed tap can be associated with ectopic tissue growth along the needle track in a very delayed fashion.

Is it normal to suffer from chronic lower back pain after having a spinal fusion 7 years ago?

Yes. New problems can develop or you can develop problems over time simple from the body's response to the fusion over time (bone spurs, scar tissue, stenosis, etc). Get it checked out. Probably will need fresh mri. For patients who have had surgery would recommend high field with contrast.

I had spinal fusion 7 years ago and now I suffer from chronic lower back pain - is this normal?

Yes. Unfortunately, its not uncommon to see low back pain recur after back surgery. I recommend you follow up with your surgeon.
Not Typically. If you are having severe chronic low back pain it is worth investigating to try and determine the cause. There may be some correctable problem. Alternatively, you may be a candidate for an implanted spinal cord stimulator. This might provide excellent pain relief.
Sometimes. When having a spinal fusion, you are typicalky taking a bad situation and making it better, not necessarily restoring the back to normal. Ongoing changes that may be affected by someone wirh a prior fusion can lead to back pain later on in a small percentage of fusion patients.

Can getting a spinal block cause long term lower back pain? I received one for a c-section and was stuck multiple times.

Generally no. Epidural a have been known to cause short term back pain, especially since you we're poked a few times. Chronic pain is usually from other issues.
Very unlikely. Most epidural injections have no issues long term. Sometimes, a spinal injection can lead to a condition called arachnoiditis if given that route rather than epidural but extremely rare. Most times, if pain in back, it is short term.
Prob Not for Long. This condition is very rare but seems to occur more often with c-sections. It's possibly related to some of the skeletal changes that happen with pregnancy combined with the spinal injection. This condition almost always resolves with time. Some pt treatments may go a long way to help resolve your situation.