Is methylene blue any good for lower back pain?

Discogenic back pain. The preliminary results indicated that the result of intradiscal mb injection for the treatment of discogenic low back pain was relatively encouraging in one study I found for the people have discoginc back pain.
Unlikely. Although one chinese study demonstrated positive results efforts to reproduce the results in other populations have been discouraging.
Painful disk? Maybe. There was a study looking into this (eur spine j. 2007 january; 16 (1): 33–38). If back pain is due to a painful disk, there is a possibility that an injection of Methylene Blue into the disk may provide some pain relief. The study was small, however. Discussion with physician who does this procedure may be helpful. Methylene blue taken by mouth is more likely to hurt than help, in my opinion.

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List of exercise bike that good for lower back pain?

Several ways. You must be proactive in terms of lifestyle changes including: weight control, regular exercising & not smoking. Make sure to have adequate sleep & good vitamin d/calcium intake. Stretching, core strenghtening and cardiovascular exercise are all important components of any regimen. Walking and biking, can be good cardiovascular components.
Exercise. Routine low impact aerobic exercise can reduce your overall pain (i.e. Walking cycling swimming) I would check with your primary doctor as well. Physical therapy may prescribed. Exercise bikes can be a good way to exercise to help your back but the best thing would be to find one that works best for you. A recumbent bike can often be helpful if you are comfortable in a sitting position.

Is naproxen good for lower back pain?

In general yes. Low back pain usual responds well to rest, heat and NSAID drugs like naproxen.
Maybe. Do you have high blood pressure? A history of stomach ulcers? Kidney or liver disease? As dr. Rosenfeld said, in general, nsaids are useful in the treatment of low back pain, but that assumes you are otherwise healthy.

What is good for lower back pain?

Depends upon cause. Lower back pain is very common problem most often it is due to over use or strain of muscles and gets better with rest moist heat back exercises over the counter medications like Motrin or aleve (naproxen) occasionally it can come from serious condition like infection of the disc space or herniated disc which may even require surgery so it depends on the cause of the pain and duration of pain good luck.
Depends on the cause. Back pain may be due to: trauma (fracture, sprains, arthritis), infection, metabolic conditions (gout), structural or biomechanical abnormality, blood clot, or nerve damage (neuropathy). A thorough history and physical exam by a professional and possibly some laboratory and radiology exams may help to determine the right cause and appropriate treatment.

Can you recommend good lower back pain stretches?

McKenzie Exercises. Pt for back and neck conditions involve stretching, strengthening, and some range of motion. These exercises start very gently, and then are progressed by a certified pt based upon patient response. All patients are different, so the exact exercises differ as does the progress. Pilates is also excellent for the core (yoga and piyo other options) if you want non-medical option.

Can you let me know is inversion therapy (hanging upside down) a good cure for lower back pain?

Not a cure. It can be a useful part of a guided program for chronic low back pain in some cases. When done correctly, it can decompress parts of the spine, in a way similar to a physical therapist performing traction exercises. I would get guidance on this activity from your doctor or therapist, .

I'm in my first trimester and am already having bad lower back pain. What are some safe ways to treat the pain and good exercises to help my back?

Back pain. Back pain can be treated with exercise even during pregnancy. Neutral spine core stability exercises of mcgill are a good start. They can be found on youtube. Just type in mcgill exercises.
Try this webpage. Http://www. Acog. Org/~/media/for%20patients/faq115.pdf? Dmc=1&ts=20121203t1539313847 this is a pamphlet put out by acog which has some helpful information.
Safe therapies. Speak with your ob- but generally, tylenol (acetaminophen) & gentle stretching is safe.

What are good lower back pain stretches and exercises?

Back pain exercises. Neutral spine mcgill exercises are a great place to start. Quadriceps, hamstring, and pirifirmis exercises help. These are all on you tube.

I have lower back pain from doing deadlifts is a massage good?

Yes. Massage should be fine. If you don't feel better in 1-2 weeks doing conservative care, I would suggest getting further evaluation.
Definitely. Relaxes muscles, increases circulation, feels good.