Can a high platelet level be from anemia?

It is reactive. Functional medical perspective - high platelet count means there is increased risk of thrombosis - blood clots but I have seen this as secondary due to inflammatory response and it gets better with vitamin E therapy do vit e 400 units twice daily, vit D3 6000 units twice daily, and recheck your levels in 2 - 3 weeks.
Sometimes related. Iron deficiency anemia can cause a marked thrombocytosis (increased platelet count).

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I have high platelet count, no anemia, smear is ok, what else could this be?

High plt. Infection, inflamation, after surgery, trauma, leukemia, after splenectomy, polycythemia vera, due to medication. Talk to your doctor or hematologist.
How high? There are different causes of high platelet level. Generally is divided by 2- primary bone marrow problem vs secondary causes/ reactive process (such as: bleeding, iron deficiency, infection/inflammation, malignancy. Bone marrow biopsy often times needs to be done to evaluate/ rule out possibility of primary bone marrow problem. Discuss further with your hematologist.

Should I be concerned about cancer with having a high platelet count of 816, 000? I also have iron deficency anemia. I can't stop worrying.

Recheck it. Iron deficiency could be the cause but it is important to follow up on it. Please recheck it after correction of iron deficiency. Then get a CBC and see what changes have taken place. Also watch WBC count. If the platelet count persists above 500, 000 then you need to see a hematologist for further evaluation.

Grandma has high ast, k, neutrophils edema low platelet count macrocytic anemia hypothyrodism Alzheimer's she can't concentrate what can this be?

Doctor for Grandma. Your grandma needs to see a doctor, possibly a geriatrician. She has multiple problems which can result in difficulty concentrating. Of course alzheimer's will cause this, but she may have more acute problems (like infection, etc) which can worsen it. If she's examined and something is found that can be treated, she may be better able to concentrate.

Baby has iron deficiency anemia and has fever for 3 days now. Lab results show normal platelet count, low hemoglobin, high wbc. Is this an emergency?

Not necessarily. You don't mention how old the baby is, but iron deficiency is rare before 6 months except in babies born prematurely. You don't mention how low the hemoglobin is, but unless it's very low the fever should not be a problem. If you're concerned, the doctor caring for the baby's anemia would have the best idea how concerned to be about the fever and the anemia.
Doesn't sound like. It, if your child truly is 1yo. A few days of fever, due to a viral illness for example, is not uncommon. I'd give you a different answer for a 2-3mo child. If your child is staying well hydrated despite the insensible losses, he will probably be fine. If you're uncertain, go see your pediatrician. The blood counts by themselves are not that concerning, provided anemia is being treated.