How can I fix my dislocated collar bone?

Need an orthopod. You need to see an orthopedic doctor or go to the er to have this evaluated if it is very painful.
Sling or surgery. Depends on grade of dislocation. For some patients - sling, rest and ice. For others surgery is necessary.

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Dislocated collar bone causes lots of discomfort up right side of neck to lower part of skull?

See a doctor. The muscles that attach to the collarbone, as well as neck and skull, can be stretched and become painful if the collarbone is truly dislocated. It takes a lot of force to cause this kind of bony dislocation, and this type of dislocation needs to be reduced (repositioned properly) by a doctor for correct healing and to ease pain. Please see a doctor for evaluation and treatment. Read more...

Bodybuilder:tore the AC/dislocated collar bone left shoulder now can't focus my bicep curls completely on my bicep, the full contraction isn't there.?

Consult OrthOpedics. If you tore up your ACL, dislocated collar bone, my advice would be on getting these fixed urgently and resume your regular workout as advised by the orthopedist. Feel better. Read more...