How long does one normally wear a cast after broken ankle surgery?

Depends. The length of nonweightbearing and immobilization will depend on the severity and instability of the break. A simple break and repair may not need a cast at all, relying on a boot immobilizer instead. Complex unstable fracture repairs may need 4-8 weeks of casting, also followed by a boot for another month or so. Your surgeon should discuss surgical recovery with you before the case.
Depends on type fx. The amount of time spent in a cast after ankle fracture surgery depends on the type of ankle fracture that was treated as well as the stability of the bones obtained. Your surgeon has the best advice. In general earliest allowed to come out of cast or splint is 2 weeks and then pkaced into a brace. Casting can last up to several months in specifio cases.
Depends. It depends on the type of surgery and how it was performed. Best to talk to your sugeon.