Should I get a flu shot? I'm allergic to penicillin and ceclor...Does that matter?

Get the flu shot. Antibiotic allergies do not preclude one from getting the flu shot. Similarly, egg allergy does not preclude one from getting the flu shot. If you are egg allergic discuss with your allergists how the get the flu shot. There are published guidelines on how to administer the flu vaccine in the patient who is egg allergic. The previous suggestions that egg allergy precludes flu shot is not correct.
Yes. Yes, get a flu shot... An allergy to penicillin and Ceclor will not affect your ability to get a flu shot. Who should not get a flu shot? Have ever had a severe allergic reaction to eggs have ever had a serious reaction to a previous flu shot have ever had guillian-barré syndrome (a severe paralytic illness, also called gbs) after receiving influenza vaccine.