Can gps prescribe antibiotics for dental pain?

Yes. A doctor or dentist can perscribe you antibiotics. However, with dental pain, sometimes it is not an infection causing the problem and in this case, antibiotics will not help you. Best to see a dentist and have the problem properly diagnosed and treated. If you do, you may find no antibiotics are necessary at all.
Yes. Your general dentist can prescribe antibiotics as well as your physician primary health care provider.
Yes, but. Yes, but this is a temporary solution to the problem. The pain will return. See your dentist for solution to problem.
Absolutely. Gp's can prescribe any antibiotic they feel are needed to treat the infection.
Yes. Yes they can on an emergency basis. But you must see a dentist to get treatment for the dental pain.
You know IT!! of course I can....I do it every day so if you are in need of antibiotics for a tooth issue I would see your local dentist. No worries.