How long does it normally take to recover from hammer toe surgery?

Ask your surgeon. Every surgery is different, and depending on what type of procedure you have, you may be able to walk a few days after surgery, or you might need to be off of it for several weeks. Ask your surgeon when you can progress to weight bearing, when you can start wearing regular shoes, and when you can start exercising. Post-operative x-rays will tell them how fast you're healing.
Recovery times vary. Sutures come out in about two weeks. Normal recovery time is about four to eight weeks depending on the type of procedure.
Up to 3 months. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for the initial phase of healing (assuming you have no pins). It may take 3 months for most of the fullness to resolve.
Surgery. As stated , this varies with the procedure chosen by your surgeon. Speak to him/her and ask lots of questions . Remember , too , that you play a huge role in the success of your surgery.