What is a tooth cavity and how is it treated?

Filling. Tooth decay is a hole in a tooth caused by the interaction between bacteria and sugar. The lesion must be cleaned and shaped, and the hole must be repaired with a filling of some sort. They don't get better on their own, only worse, so please see dentist soon.
Dental cavities. are holes (or structural damage) in the teeth. The treatment for tooth decay largely depends on how advanced the problem is. If the cavity is not extremely large, a conventional "filling" may be possible.
Cavity. It is a bacterial infection of the tooth. Inflammation also plays a rode in dentin decay. Enamel decay cam be reversed though re-mineralization. Once the decay reaches the dentin it has to be surgically removed and restored with a filling, inlay, only or a crown depending how much healthy tooth is left.
A hole in the tooth. Cavities are holes in teeth created by the bacteria that live in your mouth attached to your teeth. Treatment involves removing the tooth structure that has been destroyed by the bacteria and then placing a filling or some other type of restoration to give you back a complete tooth form and function.