Can bee pollen work as an effective treatment of outdoor allergies?

No. Pollen (bee or otherwise) is an allergen and can elicit an immune response (allergic response). If you have allergies, you should use an anti-histamine or have allergy testing done. Yu can start with an allergist or an ent.
Yes. Yes the tip to using bee pollen extract mix this with honey and take it in mouth and then after honey melts swallow this the honey draws the infecting organism and the propolis (bee pollen) kills this dosage might be higher during acute infection.

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Does taking bee pollen really work for getting rid of allergies, or is it a gimmick?

No. Bee pollen is not helpful to get rid of allergies. Seasonal allergens that cause rhinitis etc are pollens that are wind borne. Bees pollinate flowering plants and these don't cause seasonal allergy.

I Hurd that bee pollen, and natural honey is good for "Allergies". I have severe environmental allergies not to bees would it work.?

Bee pollen. The thought is that the local honey will contain properties that can help make you less allergic to plants and trees in your local area.

I have a very slight symptoms of allergy on pollen. Can I use q urol (witch contains bee pollen) and can this cure help me with ED caused by cpps?

Bees, pollen allergy. Most people with pollen allergy are allergic to wind-borne pollen such as grass, tree and weed pollen. Their seasonal allergy symptoms are not due to insect-borne flower pollen. This bee pollen does not help seasonal allergy sufferers but may have other health benefits. I would recommend seeing your urology md for ed and cpps as it is not related to allergies.

Was considering taking bee pollen supplements but heard if you have seasonal allergies you shouldn't, is this true?

Probably. There are rare cases of anaphylaxis from bee pollen. One problem is that the pollen collected by bees are specific for that colony and area. They are mostly from flowering plants they are not the usual allergenic ones which travel in the air. The reaction is usually from cross-sensitivity between a particular pollen and another plant. No evidence bee pollen is effective for allergic diseases.

Is the bee pollen helpful with seasonal allergiy I have allergy for tree pollen but only in spring

Yes, . Yes, it can be. But here is the catch. It needs to be from bees in your immediate area. Like within about a four mile radius. Because they are the bees that are associated with the pollens in your area.
Some. Some people have used it and it has helped. I do not believe that there is a study to clearly support this though. Trees are the source of pollen in the spring! .
People. People that have allergic rhinitis are having symptoms from wind pollinated species of trees (not bee pollinated species).

Are the health food store bee pollen meds just a gimmick for treating allergies?

Yes. The pollens that cause allergies are very small, and carried by the wind. Flowers need bees to cross-pollinate, because the pollen is too big and heavy to be carried by the wind. Since they're not airborne, people can't inhale them and react to them. Thus, the pollens found in bee pollen are not the pollens that cause your allergic symptoms.
Be careful. Bee's pollen, in a granular form, taken orally, has been associated with acute anaphylactic reactions in at least three people. I was the lead author of this paper in the journal of allergy and clinical immunology in 1979. Non sedating antihistamines are much safer.

Can OTC bee pollen for a toddler with eczema and food allergies hurt? Any help?

Probably not. There is no reason to believe that it will be helpful. The types of pollen in bee pollen could potentially cross react with some foods, but there are no studies showing that bee pollen will help with this. The only treatment for eczema that is due to food allergies is avoidance of the foods to which your toddler is allergic.
It could. It depends what your child is allergic to. I would not try anything even if it is otc without talking it over with your allergist or physician.

I am using antihistamine. I want to try bee pollen. Does it gonna work together.

Better not. If you do have pollen allergies, it might not be a good idea to try it, and it won't help too, whether the antihistaminic would interact with the bee pollen, unlikely. Check this link for more info http://www. Webmd. Com/balance/bee-pollen-benefits-and-side-effects.

Will bee pollen cure non bacterial or bacterial prostatis? Have been tested 3 times and no bacteria has shown. Been living with it for 4 months. Cures?

Prostrate/ Forget née pollen or saw palmetto. You need proper diagnosis, with examination by physician. Most likely if age is 29, prostrate may be harboring std- one of sneakiness is chylmydia. If its bacterial then get it treated as well! Non bacterial- includes germs that are not bacteria or could be prostatic congestion. Note your symptoms and take list with you for check up.
Maybe. Bee pollen has been used for centuries as a cure for multiple illnesses;but for my brother or son-no. And as a 29 y/o female how have you been living with prostatitis for 4 months? Is this a unique VT thing?