What will drinking alcohol on Zoloft (sertraline) seroquel and vallium do? Is it safe to drink for a function?

Very dangerous. Combining alcohol with many medications, especially psychiatric medications like seroquel (quetiapine) or valium, is extremely dangerous. They can cause abnormal consciousness, possibility of passing out, depressed breathing, and other problems. You should discuss this with your doctor to make sure you are ok to have just one drink and how long after taking a medication dose. I don't recommend this at all.
Do The Math. This question illustrates two important issues. When taken together alcohol and Valium potentiate each other. One enhances the effect of the other. 1 Valium + 1 drink = 5 of either. The anti-depressant effects of zoloft (sertraline) and seroquel are cancelled out by the depressant effects of Valium and alcohol. 2 - 2 = 0. If one cannot abstain from alcohol while taking these medications, there is a problem.
Unknown. Strange things can happen with alcohol and medications like zoloft (sertraline) (blackout after very little alcohol), and alcohol will make the sedative side effect of Valium worse. Be careful!

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What is the effects of drinking alcohol and using zoloft (sertraline)? What would happen when you use this together?

Not a good plan. Using zoloft (sertraline) and alcohol together accentuates the sedating properties of both. Also, alcohol use disrupts the sleep cycle -- which depression does also. Alcohol can worsen existing depression.
Zoloft (sertraline) I agree with dr. Pappas, also effect on stomach and intensifying side effects of zoloft (sertraline).

I have panic disorder and bipolar I take Zoloft (sertraline) 200mg seroquel 50mg and vallium 15mg is this safe?

Yes. Yes, that is a perfectly acceptable regimen that your doctor has recommended. Seroquel is for long-term balance of anxiety and depression, zoloft (sertraline) for depression mostly, and Valium for anxiety episodes. But you need to follow up with your psychiatrist on a regular schedule to ensure effectiveness and monitoring of ant side effects. If you get suicidal thoughts, call your doctor immediately.
Yes. Those medications in those doses is safe.
Bipolar. As long as symptoms are under control, you are ok. Continue med. Checks appointments & talking to a therapist.
Bipolar. Antidepressants are safe as long as moods are stable & no cycling exist.

I've just been prescribed sertraline. I know drinking alcohol isn't recommended - but can you drink any at all on an occasion?

Limit alcohol. Wait a minute, you aren't old enough to drink yet! Hypothetically speaking, it would be ok to have one drink a couple days per week. 'Safe' alcohol amounts for women in general is less than 2 drinks (1 drink=can of beer, glass of wine, or one shot) per day. On any medication, it should be even less than that.