I'm african american how do I even my skin tone ?

Chemical peel. There may be areas which are darker than the rest of the face caused by hormones or acne. Retinoids such as retin a (tretinoin) and differin can slowly peel the skin and lighten the area. There is also a safe chemical peel the vi peel which can be use in all skin colors to even out the skin. It may need to be repeated in 3-12 months as necessary to maintain the effect.
Even Skin Tone. There are options to improve your skin tone, depending on your baseline skin color and reasons your skin tone became uneven. On close inspection, most skin of color is not completely uniform. Acne, sun exposure and other skin conditions can worsen uneven skin tone. Peels, tretinoin, hydroquinone, Azelaic Acid and fractional laser treatment are among some of the modalities used to even skin tone.
Only with make-up. Skin that has color, regardless of ethnic/racial group, is naturally uneven from the start. In a new baby, the uneven skin tones are symmetrical (the left half of the body matches the right half) with subtle transitions, so a baby's skin looks very nice. In the real world, spotty color changes occur due to sunlight, dryness, rashes, cuts, scrapes, pregnancy, etc... Change can be darker or lighter.

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How do I get rid of uneven skin tone I tried every thing I'm African american the skin around my ryes and my nose are the lightest part of my face?

Cover up cream. so sorry for this problem. Ask your dermatologist or your beautician for the names of some simple and safe skin cream to apply when you ''need'' it... Keep us posted... Dr.Sibley. Read more...
I am not sure there. a way. If this is a wide change in skin tone then one can use covermark which is a type of makeup specifically for this kind of problem. See a derm doc for better ideas and to make sure there is not something else going on. One must think of a condition called vitiligo. Read more...