Serum cortisol 145 ng/ml, acth plasma 25. I have skin bronzing since two years. Should I do acth stimulation test as well?

No. If it is 14.5 mcg/dl this is normal am cortisol.Bronzing is due to excess acth either from a low cortisol (addison's) or a pituitary or ectopic tumor making too much acth and elevated cortisol. See an endocrinologist.

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Serum cortisol 145 ng/ml and acth plasma 25.00. I'm showing strong symptoms of adrenal insufficiency mainly skin bronzing. What domy results indicate?

Units of measure. Cortisol level is completely normal for a random morning sample and not suggestive of adrenal insufficiency. Acth units of measure are missing. Is this pmol/l or pg/ml? Even in extremely rare cases of acth resistance, nearly all patients are cortisol deficient. But your cortisol result is fine for morning random. Other things can cause bronzing like certain medication and hemochromatosis. Read more...

What is the difference between acth plasma and acth stimulation test? Which one is more reliable and accurate? Can you depend solely on acth plasma?

Plasma. Is the amount of acth in your blood "free hormone" level. The acth stimulation test is used to determine if the adrenal glands are functioning properly. Depending on your symptoms, one or both test are needed. Speak with your physician for rutherford dealers. Read more...