How do you prevent stress fractures?

Vit D3. Stress fracture due to severe osteoporosis - holistic approach try to alkalanize body maintain body pH between 6.8-7.4 by various options like vit d3 12, 000 units bid x 3 weeks then 6000 units daily x 3 weeks. Maintain d3 blood levels above 60 test for hydroxy vit d3 levels with your lab your pcp can order these tests.
PREVENTION. Have calcium and vitamin D levels checked Modify lifestyle habits, like smoking/drinking Replace worn out shoes Don't suddenly increase activity Adequate rest between training periods Orthotic devices or shock absorbing insoles.
Porper Shoe gear. Proper shoe gear and addressing pain in the foot in a timely manner can help prevent stress fractures. Also, if you have history of osteoporosis have regular bone density testing. Proper supplementation is also helpful in preventing stress fractures. No foot pain is normal. If you have foot pain see a specialist for an evaluation.

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How can I prevent getting a foot stress fractures?

Correct shoes. I believe that correct training and well cushioned shoes are the best tools to avoid these injuries training should involve a gradual increase in distances run and intensity the use of appropriate training shoes with stretching and rest days is best to avoid potential injuries. Read more...
Wear good supportive. Footwear and make sure your vitamin d levels are in the normal range. Read more...