What is dosage of the new tyelonl for 11 lb baby?

1/2 tsp - 2.5 ml. Infant drops are gone. (yea! less dosing confusion, fewer overdoses.) children's Acetaminophen for all ages is 160 mg per 5 ml suspension. For an 11 lb. Baby, the dose is 2.5 ml (1/2 teaspoon). Be sure to use a measuring dropper; teaspoons are wiidly inaccurate.
By weight. The old infant tylenol (acetaminophen) is no longer to be made, so the standard will be 160mgm/5ml dose size, this means for an 11 lb baby, 2.5 ml would be the upper limit dose.
1.25 ml. The new concentration is 160 mg per 5 ml (1 tsp.). The dose for an 11 lb. Baby is 40 mg, which is 1.25 ml of the new product. It should come with a dropper that shows 1.25 ml on it.
0.4 ml. For babies up to 11 pounds, the dose of tylenol (acetaminophen) liquid is 0.4 ml. If it comes with a dropper, this is usually marked on the dropper.