My 7 year old had the flu. She is on tamiflu. She has had 3 doses already. But still high fever. Treatment w tylenol (acetaminophen). When will I see improvements?

Any NEW Symptoms? Your child has only had three doses, which means a day and a half at best. Flu symtoms are going to last longer than that, even with the tamiflu. It's not like tylenol (acetaminophen) where the med works an hour later. It just shortens the total length of illness. Don't ignore new or worsening symptoms though - i've had a couple of patients who developed pneumonia or ear infections as complications. Rest, fluid!
HYPERPYREXIA. Recheck with your md, she might have bacterial complications.
Too Early. Tamiflu (oseltamivir) does not provide a rapid cure of influenza.It only shortens the duration of the overall illness 1-2 days.And that assumes that you truly have influenza, not another cause of infection.

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