What causes food cravings in pregnancy?

Unknown. We really don't know why some women have food cravings during pregnancy and why they may crave one thing over another.
Who knows? . Food cravings or aversions have been not been shown to correlate with a physiologic need during pregnancy or at other times. Maybe it's psychological. The important thing is to follow a healthy diet while pregnant to give your baby the best possible start in life. See http://www.Webmd.Com/baby/features/coping-with-pregnancy-food-cravings for an interesting discussion of this topic.

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What causes food cravings during pregnancy?

No one can say for. Sure. It's likely some complicated relationship between altered hormone interactions, altered nutritional balance and emotional effect that pregnancy induces that leads to these cravings. Read more...

Aside from pregnancy what could cause weird food cravings?

See below. Some nutritionists and healthcare practitioners believe that certain cravings are meaningful. For example, cravings for ice and bizarre substances like dirt and cigarette butts (a condition called pica have been linked to an iron deficiency – even though none of those items contain significant amounts of iron. Some physicians believe it's a lack of minerals but no one really knows.. Read more...