I have silicone breast implants. Is a mammogram just as good as an MRI to check for breast cancer?

Start with mammogram. Mri may be used in the detection of leaks in persons with silicone breast implants; however, mammogram is the place to start for screening for breast ca. If indicated, the radiologist or breast specialist may then order additional tests such as ultrasound or mri.
No. With or without implants, an MRI is a more sensitive test for cancer than a mammogram. The problem is that mris are over 20x the cost of a mammogram. Unless you are in a high risk category for breast cancer or there is a suspicion that your implants may be ruptured, most insurers will not cover this expense.
Stepwise approach. An MRI is the best non-invasive test to check for cancer but a biopsy is the best way to check for cancer. However most physicians recommend that you begin with a stepwise approach starting with regular self examinations, followed by routine mammograms and ultrasound if necessary, than MRI, and/or guided biopsy to check for cancer.
?"just as good" Mammos are still the gold standard screening test for breast ca and implants don't change this. Mris are more sensitive but have sensitivity issues (false positives). Mris won't show microcalcifications which may be the 1st sign of malignancy. Mris as a screening test is presently limited to high risk patients. Mris for implant eval (? Rupture) is done differently (no IV contrast).
No. Mammograms can reveal a certain amount of information about your breast tissue. There are limitations to what mammograms can show, however, with or without breast implants. Mri is better to evaluate the entire breast, chest wall, lymph nodes, and integrity of the implants. It is recommended that you have a breast MRI every two years to evaluate the implants.
No. Breast MRI with contrast has superior sensitivity to mammography. If you are talking about Breast MRI for implant assessment, that is performed differently, and it is not good for cancer detection. If you are getting MRIs for your implants, you still need to get mammograms.