Is taping with plantar facitis still effective with bone spurs present?

Yes. Plantar fasciitis can respond to taping of the arch and foot despite the presence of a bone spur. Many times the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis comes not from the bone spur itself, but from the straining of the plantar fascia (the band of ligaments that go from the heel to the forefoot.) taping is certainly worth a try but be sure to consult with your physician to confirm the diagnosis.
Better to use insole. Most shoes aren't always what is bad, usually it's the crummy insoles they come with! there are many possibe reasons (plantar fascitis leaps to mind) that you may have pain in the heels, but try arch supports like spenco polysorb (http://www.Spenco.Com/products/footcare/poly-sorb) and otc anti-inflammatories (like aleve). If these don't help, see a podiatrist.
Yes. Taping is effective for taking stress off the plantar fascia and allowing it to heal. But it should be done in conjunction with a stretching and strengthening regimen.

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How common is it to get bone spurs and plantar fasciitis in both feet?

Bone spurs. It is very common to have bone spurs and plantar fasciitis in both feet. Most of the time this does not require surgery. Your local podiatrist should have you up and going quickly. Stay healthy. Read more...
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