I have dull pain in back and inside my left shoulder. Pain degree varies daily. What can this be?

Referred pain. There are several etiologies for back and shoulder pain. Cervical and thoracic degenerative or steno tic disease can refer pain to your shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries can cause muscle strain resulting in neck and back pain. I would recommend an evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon.
Many possibilities. There are a number of possible causes to back and shoulder pain. Some of these include issues related to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, cartilage, and even intestinal, lung or heart issues. Having your physician obtain your history of this pain, and a thorough examination of you will narrow down the possible causes.

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Left neck under ear has off and on dull pain throughout the day, also very localized left shoulder pain, but not muscular, and not tender to touch.

Neck pain. There are several structures within the neck that could be the cause of discomfort. Muscle,ligaments,lymph nodes,carotid artery,thyroid gland, vertebra, nerves,,etc. If your symptoms persist have an examination by your physician. Read more...