What are symptoms of being a diabetic?

Many symptoms. There are many possible symptoms to diabetes, a condition where one's blood sugar is elevated. These symptoms may include excessive thirst, excessive urination, disrupted sleep, hunger, unusual weight loss, fatigue, slow healing, frequent infections, blurred vision, tingling to the extremities, etc. In addition, some may notice no symptoms when first diagnosed through blood tests.
Weight loss, thirst. Diabetes may have no symptoms at all however the classic symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes are: increased thirst and urination. You may get up at night to go to the bathroom and there can be sudden weight loss. Two factors related to having diabetes are: a family history of diabetes and obesity.
They can vary. Many people with type 2 diabetes (the kind they get when they're an adult), have no symptoms at all. The first indication of diabetes may be getting too many yeast infections, getting sick too often, or for men, erectile dysfuction. Clasically, the symptoms for type 1 are described peeing a lot, being very thirsty, and losing weight. A simple blood test can help with the diagnosis. Cheers!

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What are symptoms of being diabetic?

The classics. Hi. The classic symptoms are polydipsia (drinking a lot), polyuria (peeing a lot), and polyphagia (eating a lot). But diabetes symptoms in the undiagnosed can also include extreme fatigue, nausea & vomiting, blurred vision, lack of mental acuity, infection, and others. Read more...

What r symptoms of being diabetic and what are your sugar levels supposed to be and what is high?

Thirst, hunger... Frequent urination, undue fatigue if concerned at all, see md to catch / treat early and can check sugars at home with home glucose monitors, before person get these symptoms, to try to catch it early in people with family history of diabetes pre diabetes = fasting 100-126 2 hours after eating 140-199 diabetes fasting 126 and> 2 hours after eating 200 and >. Read more...