Can small ileus be mistaken for hiatal herna?

Different problems. A hiatal hernia is when part of the stomach squeezes up into the chest area through a weak spot in the sheet of muscle (the diaphragm) that separates the chest from the abdomen. A hiatal hernia should not resemble an ileus, which is not a part of the body, but is a condition in which the intestines are very quiet and not moving. With an ilieus, the stomach won't empty and the person will vomit.
Not Likely. I'm assuming you mean small bowel ileus and it should not be mistaken for a hiatal hernia as they are not similar.
No. Ileus is slowing of the intestines' function; a hiatal hernia is an abnormally large opening allowing the esophagus to pass from the chest into the abdomen. These are two completely distinct entitites.

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I have a hiatal hernia and had an ileus. I've eaten twice today and vomited after the first meal. After the last I have severe lower abdominal pain why?

Abdominal pain. This could be related to your gallbladder, gerd, irritable bowel or other GI issues. Less commonly you could have a twist in the stomach related to your hernia depending on the type or if its paraesophageal you should start with an appointment at your pcp and then have imaging performed and or see a GI physician or surgeon. Read more...