Very short of breath, no able to perform normal activities like bathe?

That sounds serious! Need detailed medical history. It is possible that you may be obese, suffers from asthma that is not well controlled or cardiac origin (suffers from high blood, high cholesterol), diabetes, thyroid or a combination of other medical conditions. Please see your physician asap before it is too late.Enjoy life. Live. Laugh and love!
Go to your doctor. Your shortness of breath can be due to inadequate oxygen getting into your blood. This is a function of gas exchange. It might be manageable by increasing your oxygen, but you should check with your doctor first. Sometimes increasing the oxygen can actually make you breathe in and out less, resulting in the retention of carbon dioxide - which is bad. Good luck and feel free to ask more.
Need more info. It is very difficult to exactly pinpoint the problem as it could be a list of different ailments, do you smoke? Have asthma? Allergies? Pulmonary obstruction? Best bet is to see your doctor.