I would like to know can someone like me can have another baby I am 39 and I high blood purssure?

Yes. If you are ovulating regularly, conception shouldn't be a problem. Your age puts you at increased risk for chromosomal anomalies (down syndrome, etc), & high BP also increases pregnancy risk. If you're having difficulty conceiving, i would suggest a fertility work up. This can be done by your ob/gyn or by a fertity specialist. Good luck.
Might need some help. Women with this history should consider the following. First, avoid toxins, take folate, (folic acid) make appointment to see internist and ob. Second, get copies of prenatal records and delivery notes from prior pregnancies and internist notes. Third, take all records to a perinatologist (mfm) for consultation. Fourth, keep track of periods and notify OB if pregnancy suspected. Fifth, keep all appointments.
Yes, But With Risks. Hypertensives and those >35 years old are at risk for preeclampsia. You should first meet with your OB and someone who is familiar with treating hypertension during pregnancy. Avoid ace inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers even before pregnancy, and be sure you're taking a vitamin with at least 400mcg of folic acid.