Are there specialists who deal with patiets who have phobias visiting doctors?

Yes. Psychiatrists are the medical doctors who specialize in phobias. Don't worry, they are not like other doctors, they're tools are conversation (not blood draws and x-rays). Psychologists also deal with phobias, and are often less expensive than psychiatrists.
CBT. Multiple phobias are associated with going to doctors. "white coat syndrome" is a general fear of doctors. Patients' BP rises with any physician visit. "blood injection injury phobia" causes a patient's BP to drop when exposed to blood/needles. These are just 2 common ones that a psychologist will treat with cognitive-behavioral skills. Some therapists accompany you to your medical visits.
Take Action. Action leads to motivation. We procrastinate when it comes to doing something we deem unpleasant. The feeling of motivation just doesn't miraculously appear (as wonderful as that would be!); you have to take one step toward the "dreaded" task at hand. Then, you'll have an easier time taking the next one, and then the following until you're procrastinating no more!
Systematic. Desensitization is a psychological treatment to help w/phobias. Clinical psychologists are typically well trained in this. Please don't rely on medication alone. It may have a place in in your situation but SD will be more helpful and long-lasting, in my opinion. Peace and good health.