Is it really necessary to get an antibiotic for strep throat or can I let my body fight it naturally?

Do You Feel Lucky? The problem with strep throat untreated with antibiotics is the possibility of permanent heart damage, arthritis, kidney problems and more.These complications will not occur with a course of antibiotics. So do you feel like gambling...?
Take the antibiotic. Your sore throat will likely clear on it's own, however, you will have 1-5% chance of getting what's called rheumatic fever if it's not treated, which can affect the heart valves and cause havoc on your body. Other bad things can happen from untreated strep - like tonsillar abscess and kidney problems. Strep is no fun, but thankfully, penicillin still works well for it. Cheers!
Like to gamble ? Strep throat goes through several phases. The acute phase will eventually fade in most without rx. During the sub-acute phase, the body continues to make antibodies & a fraction(1/200) develop lifelong complications including kidney, heart & brain injury.Antibiotics can stop the sub-acute & complications if started within ~10 days of first fever. Herbal or comfort rx makes no difference.