What can I do about perpetually chapped lips?

Lip eczema treatable. Persistent chapped lips is lip eczema, which can be treated like skin eczema, using Hydrocortisone cream plus vaseline or aquaphor to retain moisture. Sometimes, lipsticks or lip sunscreen chemicals are causing an allergic reaction on the lips. Other times, a person is a primary lip-licker (it's his habit). Once cracked, lips get irritated by routine foods and juices. A doctor can sort things out.
Chapped Lips. You may think of chapped lips as something that only happens in the winter. But the truth is, unless you take special care, your lips can get dry, sore, and scaly any time of year. http://www.webmd.com/beauty/why-your-lips-are-chapped#1.
Chronic? see doctor. Chapped lips? Hydrate well- water is best. You can apply lip balms with beeswax base or oil base creams. Remember that lips require solar protection just like your skin – apply & reapply balms or creams with a minimum spf of 15. Going skiing ?- protect from sun & windburn by covering with a scarf or a ski / snowboard face mask with visor. Dry air? - use a humidifier. Try not to lick your lips!