If my testosterone is slightly low should I take meds even if I have no symptoms?

Low-T or no Low-T? If your morning total testosterone level result was less than 300 ng/dl and the recheck was about the same, then your md would most likely offer therapy. It has been shown that men with total testoserone levels less than 250 ng/dl have an 88% greater risk for all cause mortality. This means that the risk of dying for any reason is almost double for those with very low-t. Asymptomatic included.
Not necessarily. The most accurate way to measure testosterone deficiency is to test the free or bioavailable level. The total level may be low and not be abnormal. One risk of low testosterone that you would not feel is loss of bone. If there is any doubt about whether the level is clinically significant, have a bone density test because you would not feel this until you had a fracture.