What's a good remedy for acne on my back?

Back Acne Treatment. Salicylic acid peels work nicely for acne on the back. See a licensed aesthetician to perform these peels. You may require several to start, and maintenance peels may be helpful to keep your skin more pimple-free or reduce the number and/or frequency of breakouts.
Gels/creams for acne. For treatment of acne, over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide gel/cream is helpful. If desired, a doctor can add an antibiotic gel/cream. If more help is needed, prescription retinoids such as Retin-A or differin (adapalene) gel can be used instead of benzoyl peroxide. Oral contraceptives (for women) and oral antibiotics are options also. If acne is quite severe, a dermatologist may prescribe oral accutane.