What can I do to bring back my fertility, 7months postpartum, no period, and breasfeeding 2x a day?

Stop Breast Feeding. Breast feeding causes an elevation in blood prolactin levels which can inhibit ovulation or may cause deficiency n Progesterone production that may effect implantation of an embryo. It may tak about 6 to 8 weeks for the prolactin to normalize once you stop breast feeding.
Better wait. Better delay a subsequent pregnancy for 18 months or longer to decrease risk of pre-term labor, give your body time to recover, and your baby to thrive. A gynecology visit and safe contraception is in order.
Lactation &fertility. When you breast feed then your prolactin hormone can prevent ovulation and menses. You will probably start ovulating and menstruating with 1-2 months of stopping lactation. Debate about when to get pregnant again. Waiting a year may be a problem if you are older. Talk with your physician to decide. If menses do not return then we can use medication to start ovulation after testing.
Wait. Finish your 9-month breastfeeding plan and readdress this issue after a couple of months of no breastfeeding. You really do not want to get pregnant wihin a year from your last delivery.
Restore fertility PP. Breast feeding on 2x's/day shouldn't inhibit fertility. Usually at 7 mos pp, even with breast feeding, the first menses will occur. If it doesn't, i suggested having bloods for fsh, LH prolactin, tsh, free t3, (liothyronine) free t4, Estradiol and Progesterone drawn. There could be a number of reasons, and a gyn endocrinologist should be able to resolve the issue based upon the results.
Maybe stop br. feeds. Breastfeeding delays the return of menstrual cycles. A woman who had normal monthly cycles before pregnancy, and now is breastfeeding, may get her first period when the baby is 6-8 months old. However, the timing is varies a lot among women, so it's not very predictable. If one really wants to get pregnant as soon as possible, one has to stop breastfeeding and re-check with her ob-gyn doctor.
Nothing. Complete breastfeeding as planned and avoid getting pregnant until your infant's first birthday! short interpregnancy interval increases the risks of preterm birth, anemia, uterine rupture after cesarean section and all sorts of pregnancy complications. Not having periods does not mean you cannot get pregnant, so use contraception!