What are the symptoms of bipolar 2?

Hypomania. I agree with dr stuart. One thing i would add is bipolar 2 is characterized by hypomania as opposed to mania in bipolar 1. The depression may be just as severe. The difference between mania and hypomania is the degree of grandiosity and risk taking. By definition, mania includes psychosis (hallucinations, delusions) and/or hospitalization and/or legal problems. 1 lifetime manic episode = bipolar 1.
Bipolar 1 and 2. Bipolar I and bipolar II, In the first, manic phases are more severe, and in the second, depressive phases are more severe. There is also cyclothymia which is a low grade version of bipolar disorder in general, where mood swings are not as severe in either direction, manic or depressive. Different people exhibit different symptoms, yes. No two bipolar sufferers are alike.
Bipolar. Bipolar 1 is manic depression with phases of depression alternating with manic episodes. Type 2 is less severe, with hypomanic phases.
Difficult diagnosis. Basically, bipolar 2 is a milder version of manic-depressive illness. It is characterized by periods of depression alternating with periods of elevated mood. You can learn more at the depression and bipolar support alliance: www.Dbsalliance.Org.