Where can I find a doctor who prescribes incivek (telaprevir)?

Internet. The newer hepatitis c agents have only been available for a few months. Many gastroenterologists are using them, but some still uncomfortable with their use. Most hepatologists like myself are using them routinely. Finding a hepatologist can be difficult. Most major universities or transplant centers have hepatologists. I would suggest going to the nearest academic hospital.
Prescribe Incivek (telaprevir) ? Go to aasld.Org - the american association for the study of liver disease - and search for a local gastroenterologist ("gi doc") or hepatologist (liver specialist) who belongs. Or - ask your primary...They are your best resource.
Liver or G.I. doctor. Incivek (telaprevir) is a drug that was recently approved for the treatment of hepatitis c. Gastrointestinal specialists (gi doctors) or liver specialists are the doctors mostly likely to have experience using incivek. Interested persons can call their local medical center or nearby university medical center and ask for the gastroenterology department.