Chances of having a false positive herpes type 1 blood test? 9.1 igg. While other STDs remain negative 0.0 igg. Had my test 2 weeks later after exposure.

True positive, but. As pointed out, many adults are positive for Herpes simplex type 1 by adolescence. New IgG antibodies usually ae being produced by day 10 after exposure, may not be detectable until 3 weeks, occasionally later. Particularly diseases such as syphilis and HIV may not be positive at 2 weeks. You should be retested at 4 weeks.HIV.
Prob. True Positive. Herpes type 1 is the herpes virus commonly associated with the mouth (cold sores). It can be positive without any other tests being positive. Many people are + for hsv 1 by the time they enter school, picking up the virus from family members. Hsv symptoms may take 2-14 days after exposure to show up and longer for a positive test. You may need to be retested to be sure.