How can I tellnif I have shingles?

Medical Eval. Shingles can cause fairly dramatic pain which is followed within a few days by a rash. It usually appears in a particular location on one side of the body. The rash burns intensely, itches ; is made up blisters that open up ; crust over. A person could also have a fever, chills, headache and generalized aches ; pains with fatigue.
See a doctor. A doctor can be able to determine by clinical examination if you have shingles. There may also be specific tests that can be run if the diagnosis is in question.
Painful blisters. Shingles (herpes zoster) is a condition caused by an infection of the chicken pox virus. The virus lies dormant in the nerve cells and "pops" up when our immune system is down. The rash typically starts with pinprick sensations, progressing to painful red blisters that occur on one side of the body. See your doctor as there are treatments available if started within 48 hours of onset of symptoms.