What is a normal heart rate for a 4.5 year old girl?

60-90 asleep. And 60-140 awake. Fever can add 10 beats /min to the expected rate for every degree t using f scale. Exercise or activity also increases the rate.

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Is normal to have 36ppm in rest? Which is the normal heart rate in a 17y/o active girl?

60 bpm. However, especially in young athletic adolescents a resting hr can be about 40. Long distance runners especially tend to have lower resting heart rates. Read more...

What is a normal heart rate for a premature one year old?

Variable. The rate will always vary with the situation at hand. The expected awake rate varies from 100-190/min while the sleeping rate varies from 75-160. Fever or stress generally increase the rate beyond the babies baseline. Read more...