Is there any treatment to get ride of high BP and diabetic completely. Patient has got both of them.?

Maybe for a while. If a person recently got mild high blood pressure and mild type 2 diabetes, he can try to get his body in the best possible shape, to see if he can be normal without medications. In some cases, it's possible, but symptoms may return when he ages or gets out of shape. He should work with his doctor on selecting the right diet, getting to the proper weight, and doing a lot of exercise.
Yes to DM, BP harder. Type 2 Diabetes is often reversible with dramatic changes in diet & lifestyle. While weight loss, stress reduction, diet changes & detoxing sometimes reverses high BP, in my experience reversing Type 2 Diabetes can be achieved more consistently. See for one proven approach for diabetes. Ideally work with a holistic/integrative physician.
Can be controlled. High blood pressure and diabetes are chronic conditions. In my opinion, such diseases cannot be cured, but they can be controlled. They can be controlled to the point where medications are not necessary. But it never goes away. It all starts with the right diet, and improving health and fitness. If you are obese, weight loss is paramount.
Possible. That significant weight loss, avoiding high glycemic index carbohydrates, reducing total calories, meditation, good sleep exercise particularly running may reduce need for medication.