What causes ovulation pain?

Cyst rupture. The ovarian cyst actually ruptures to release the egg. The inherent damage to the ovarian capsule could be the source of the pain. The amount of pain varies from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle.
Fluid. When the egg leaves the ovary, there is sometimes a little fluid leaked into the abdomen, which causes some cramping. This generally goes away within a day or two.

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What causes ovulation pain? I've always had it and have told my ob/gyn. I'm worried about underlying issues. I've had one child and I'm 35.

Have you told OBGYN? Have you told your OB GYN MD that you are concerned about underlying issues with mid-cycle pain? If not, it is time to have that discussion and evaluation to be certain that it is "only ovulation pain" A 2nd opinion may also be helpful from an alternate OB GYN MD if there is no response to your initial conversation with him/her. Read more...

Should I be concerned if ovulation pain becomes really painful? And it tends to be on the right side, what could cause ovulation pain to be painful?

Different facotrs. There could be other reasons for "ovulation pain" as the presence of an ovarian cyst. Some women experience "ovulation pain" more then others. In order to distinguish between an "ovulation pain" an other conditions you can schedule an appointment with an obgyn for an exam and a pelvic sonogram with you next ovualtion. Read more...

What is the cause of ovulation pain? Recently have different type of pain in lower abdomen during period. History of removing endometriosis & cyst.

Mittelschmerz. ovulation pain (mittelschmerz) is cause by first the actual rupture of the cyst causing a sharp sudden pain with some residual discomfort afterwards. But many ovulated cysts will also bleed slightly and the blood irritates the perineum causing often a couple days of crampy to sharp pain. Endometriosis rarely goes away completely and pain with bleeding more likely that or adenomyosis. Read more...