What does it mean if my doc wants a lymph node biopsy?

Excision. A lymph node biopsy is usually recommended because a lymph nofe is enlarged. Three general types of biopsies can be done... An fna (fine needle aspiration)... This provides clusters of cells a pathologist will look at to make a diagnosis. The second is an incisional where a portion of the lymph node is taken. The third is excisional where the entire lymph node is taken.
Many possibilites. Look up "lymphadenopathy" in google. Most causes are benign. Www. Thepmc. Org.

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What does progressive transformation of germinal centers mean - in relation to his axillary lymph node biopsy.

A reaction pattern. Ptgc is a benign pattern of exaggerated response in some enlarged lymph nodes (chronic lymphadenopathy). There is weak association with hodgkin's disease. Although ptgc is not considered a premalignant lesion in this latter case, your doctor may follow you and possibly biopsy/remove any enlarged lymph nodes in the future (if any) for a similar examination.

What can a lymph node biopsy tell?

Lymph node character. A lymph node biopsy can tell us about th character of the lymph node. It is commonly performed to determine if they are reflective of inflammation, spread of cancer or infection.

What is the definition or description of: lymph node biopsy?

Sample for pathology. Lymph node biopsies can be performed with needles that take clumps of cells or cores of tissue to analyze for pathology. Often, lymph nodes adjacent to malignant tumors are removed totally to determine whether or not the tumor has spread. Just nodes may be removed to diagnose diseases such as lymphoma.
Lymph node biopsy. There are many causes of enlarged lymph nodes, and sometimes the best way to understand why is to have a doctor obtain tissue from the enlarged lymph node. A pathologist can then look at the biopsy and help determine why it is enlarged. The most common cause is infection, but it is important to rule out cancer as a possible cause. Good treatments are possible once you know the cause.

How is a popliteal lymph node biopsy performed?

The popliteal. Space is the pocket behind the knee. There are lymph nodes in this area. A surgeon would numb the skin and tissue and remove the lymph node for pathologic study.

Which types of cancers does a lymph node biopsy detect?

Lymphatic spread. Any cancer that has spread into lymphatic system and has reached the lymph node can be detected by lymph node biopsy. Then there are primary cancers of the lymphatic system which can also be easily diagnosed with biopsy.