My daughter have heinze body hemolitic anemia. Always she says joint pain in leg. What is the remeady for this pain.?

Doubt related. I'd be very surprised if the joint pain was related to her heinz body anemia. A longstanding painful joint deserves a full exam and an x-ray for starters. I'm glad she's got a family that's proactive and pays this close attention to her health, and is brave enough to seek advice from strangers. Good luck.
What kind. The pain may be or may not be related to the blood disorder. What kind of hemolytic anemia is this? That is the most important question. If this is due to g6pd deficiency the she needs to avoid drugs and other things that destroy red blood cells and hopefully the pain is better when no hemolysis. If this is sickle cell anemia- then the pain may be sickle related. Discuss further w/ hematologist.