I have uterine fibroid measuring 1.69x0.96 CM seen in subserosal location in anterior wall of uterus, 29 years, no kids, can I get pregnant? Is it safe

All about location. ; in general a subserosal fibroid of this size should not impede your ability to conceive. We get concerned if the fibroids disrupt the uterine cavity.
Yes to both. A small fibroid like that on the outside of the uterus will have no impact on fertility or pregnancy.

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If I have uterine fibroid in the anterior wall of my uterus measuring 60, 3* 63.6mm can I get pegnant?

Yes . Most patients with fibroids are able to get pregnant and successfully carry to term. Read more...
Yes. You can conceive in the presence of a fibroid but the presence of a fibroid can increase the risk of pregnancy complications especially if the fibroid is distorting the uterine cavity. Your obgyn can discuss those risks with you as we'll as determine wether the fibroid distort the uterine cavity or not. Read more...