My 8 month old has larygomalcia. The doctor said there's no treatment that he will out grow it ?

Takes time. Laryngomalacia translates to " a rubbery airway", works poorly when babies get excited and draw in or expell air air quickly. The walls suck in or bow out producing frightful sounds.Normal airways are stiffer& remain straight. Over time the walls stiffen & the problem fades. Some severe cases are treated with a bypass airway, a trach, at the neck. Staying calm during episodes helps baby thru them.
True. Usually in most normal infants larynx matures and laryngomalacia disappears about one year of age.Laryngomalacia can persist if surrounding muscles are week such as in cerebral palsy.
Noisy breathing. Laryngomalacia is under development of the structures of the larynx (voice box). It causes stridor (noisy breathing) - in severe cases it can cause feeding problems or cyanosis (turning blue). There is treatment but most children outgrow it. If laryngomalacia is suspected, the child should have endoscopic exam of the vocal cords by an ENT surgeon... The only way to know for sure....