I am 5 feet tall, I am 29 and I look starved. How can I gain weight and become tall?

See a doc. Unfortunately, there is no way to become taller at this point in your life. However, depending on your weight, you may be able to get help gaining weight. Ask your doctor if you are too thin. They might recommend tests to rule out any metabolic or digestive problems. Then you can work to acheive a healthy body and body image.
A medical problem? A doctor can check for hormonal, metabolic, infectious, or cancerous conditions in a person "looking starved". People over 21yr can't grow taller. Choosing proper designs of clothing and shoes can help one appear taller. Good posture helps also. To increase muscle mass, one has to work out with weights. This exercise increases daily calorie needs, so he must eat more of his healthy, balanced diet.