Finger and whole hand is swollen and red from a wooden splinter?

Serious infection. If the whole hand is red and swollen from a splinter , most possibly you have a serious infection and need immediate attention. Please go to an er or see a doctor asap.
May be cellulitis. Besure to have it seem by a doctor. The splinter could have carried an infection into the finger and now it has spread to the whole hand. In the mean time, warm compressed and draining any puss at the splinter site. And remove the splinter if you havent done so yet.

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Cut my finger with glass now my hand is swollen and red and hot. Why? Is this normal?

Infection. It sounds as if the laceration has become infected and you will need antibiotics. Could also be because you have a piece of glass in the wound causing a foreign body reaction. You need to be evaluated by your primary care doctor. Read more...

My hands after cold exposure were very itchy and red, what completely gone but since 3 weeks lower half of pointing finger my left hand is swollen.

Sounds like Raynauds. It sounds like you may have a reaction to cold called Raynauds phenomenon. It describe it to people as an "allergy" to cold. Your body is put into that environment and does not react to it the way it should. It is like a broken thermostat. My advise to you is seek a warm climate and stay out of the cold; and that includes the freezer section in the store. Read more...