What can I do to limit the amount of HSV 1 (gential area) outbreaks I get?  

Antivirals can help. Genital herpes is usually due to hsv2 and can have higher recurrence/re-activation rates. Remember the virus is dormant in nerve cells and can re-activate during times of stress. Suppressive antiviral therapy can be used in individuals with frequent and/or particularly symptomatic relapses. See your board certified dermatologist to be evaluated.
Suppression. Now hsv-1 and hsv-2 can both be the cause of cold sores and/or genital outbreaks. For a history of frequent outbreaks, your doctor may recommend daily suppressive therapy with Acyclovir or valcyclovir.

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My partner and I have oral HSV 1. What is the probability one could get genital HSV 1 if we refrain from oral contact during an outbreak?

Very slim. Usually oral hsvi is not shed if not having an outbreak so do not worry if you refrain form oral contact until the lesions are completely healed.
Minimal risk. Your risk should be minimal as you and your partner will have a protective antibody to HSV 1. You will be protected from additional infection by virtue of the antibodies you already have.
Should not happen. Once you have one type of herpes, you can't get that same type again.

Got hsv-1 gential at 18 years old. I had one outbreak the first year and have had 6 since- I'm 32 now. The only confirmed outbreak was when I was pregnant and it was one lesion on the anus. Is this many outbreaks normal for genital hsv-1?

Yes. Yes, this is considered the normal pattern for HSV-1. What we generally see is that the outbreaks decrease in frequency over time after the first 12-18 months. From my experience, there's a lot of variability but generally speaking, a lot of people will still get outbreaks once a year, commonly as a result of high stress or an unrelated cold. Hope this helps.

HSV-1 in genital region. First outbreak was on vagina, since then I only get them essentially at the top of the crease of my buttocks. Has it moved?

Maybe not herpes. Most genital herpes due to HSV1 does not recur, or only infrequently. And herpes is uncommon in the buttocks crease; can occur, but unusual. Most likely the butt crease problem is something other than herpes. See a doctor during an outbreak so it can be tested for HSV, then you'll know for sure. Good luck!