Can meniscus tear be seen on xray? How is it confirmed?

No. You cannot see meniscal tears on xray. Those only show the bony structures. An MRI is needed to verify a meniscal tear.
Need an MRI. An xray cannot see a meniscus tear. This can be visualized by mri.
Meniscus tear. If significant tear, both MRI and clinical exam (locking, buckling, mcmurray test) will be positive.
Usually not. A meniscus tear is an injury to the cartilage that pads the knee joint. Regular xrays are helpful to rule out other causes of your pain i.e. Fracture), but the best imaging test is an MRI of the knee.

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My knee feels full and stiff with light pain on top of the knee went and got a xray everything was normal but then my foot got numb so I went to the ER and they said it was PFPS but I dont know could if be a meniscus tear because im not in a lot of pain j

Get evaluated. Knee pain can have multiple causes including but not limited to trauma, infection, inflammation, and neoplasm. A thorough history and physical followed by diagnostic imaging can help get the answers and treatment you might need. Meniscal pathology is common and can cause some of the symptoms you are experiencing but not foot numbness. Read more...

Can you tell buy an X-ray alone if you have a torn meniscus in your knee?

Not a good test. Meniscal tears are among the most common knee injuries. The nature of complaints, with confirming physical exam by the physician are useful in making a diagnosis. Plain knee x-rays are best for bony abnormalities and do not show soft tissue injuries like meniscal tears. The standard imaging is magnetic resonance imaging, which can create better images of the soft tissues of your knee joint. Read more...
No. The meniscus is a "soft tissue" and as other soft tissues of the knee, x-rays go through them easily, so they are either not visible or only faintly visible on x-ray. In the case of the mensicus, they are not visualized unless they have calcium deposits and then there are only faint outlines. Thus it is not possible to detect a torn meniscus with a plain x-rays. Read more...